Botanical Society of Rwanda (BSR) is a youth-led not-for-profit and non-governmental organization in Rwanda. BSR is a ground for Rwanda's professional plant conservationist practitioners to collaborate, advocate, educate and take action for sustainable plant conservation in Rwanda.

The overall goal of BSR is to save, conserve and sustain the world botanical heritage for the benefits of today's and future generations through research, education, and plant conservation efforts coordination in all corners of the country.


Indigenous Plants species restoration project

The BSR volunteers work on this project with the aim of multiplying the indigenous cultural,medicinal,rare and endangered plants in nature.

Indigenous plants species seeds collection and dissemination project

There different rare indigenous plants species in outside protected areas. The BSR Team collects seeds and prepare seedling and disseminate them in protected and outside protected areas for conservation and ecosystem services purposes.

Biodiversity information system establishment in Rwanda

In 2019, The BSR Team participated in the workshop organized by the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity conservation and Natural resource/UR,for the establishing the Biodiversity information system in Rwanda.

The BSR Field Team at Gishwati-Mukura National Park

The BSR Founding Director won the 1st Prize Award in 2018 for his innovative biodiversity conservati