Wild Plant and Forest Conservation Program (WPFCP)

BSR is committed to promote the conservation of wild plants alongside their habitats by ensuring forests ecological integrity and economic stability of their surrounding communities. The program objective is to minimize wild plant to be endangered by enhancing conservation, protection and restoration of forest lands, forest reserve areas and by initiating different alternatives for promoting the financial stability of the community around the conserved and managed ecosystem as sustainable conservation approach

Education and Awareness raising Program (EARP).

This program aims at developing the skills and knowledge of the local communities from all corners of the country through training, short-courses, vocational training, workshops and conducting community outreach sessions and awareness-raising campaigns for promoting to the greater awareness and understanding of responsible conservation behavior. The ultimate goal is to reduce the negative impacts resulting from population pressure on the natural environment and mitigating both climate change and biodiversity loss.

Eco-tourism development and Conservation initiatives program

Rwanda is one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity. Because of this, BSR set the objective of continuously striving for sizing and developing all ecotourism sites for increasing both biodiversity Conservation and ecosystem services. In this line, BSR will need a strong collaboration with its biodiversity Conservation partners, development agencies, government institutions intervention for achieving this program objectives and sustainable conservation in general.

Climate change mitigation program (CCMP)

This program aims at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) Concentration into the atmosphere by protecting and enhancing their sinks and reservoirs through sustainable management and conservation of forest areas, coastal ecosystems, wetlands, water bodies, and other natural ecosystems. To mitigate climate change, BSR strengthens the implementation and development of climate-change-related legislation, climate technological surveys and assessments, education, training and public awareness related to climate change. The objective of this program is to minimize climate change impacts on human health and on ecosystems.

Crop Conservation Program (CCP)

The program goal is to prevent some crop type extinction and ensure that the achievement of food security in Rwanda is made based on the maintenance of adequate levels of indigenous agrobiodiversity Conservation. The program objective is to mainstream agrobiodiversity conservation into crop development policy and practices in Rwanda.